Still-life and Fashion Photographer



These series were taken by me in 2009 in a remote Hmong Village of Guizhou, China, a mountainous area with underdeveloped traffic system and no highway access. I spent a whole day going deep to this village where I soon found out the impoverished fact that the majority of households were unaffordable to meat and the most “luxury” food for them were eggs; and, for some families, there was even no electricity.

The photos were taken at a primary school in the Miao ethnic village. Constructed in the halfway of the mountain, the school has a path that leads to the top of the mountain, which cut through its playground. Many people walk past the school on a daily basis through the two breaches on the school walls made for the path. I took photos of these breaches, recording the coming and going of different people in the village.

qian guo